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Nan – Mrs.O.S.Baker 1916-2007

Well I have been busy a while and won’t likely get back to World Wind for a bit longer, although I will be reading logs and any emails, but I need to put my family first.

My Nan passed away on the 17th of Acute Pancreatitis (preliminary coroners report), she tried her best to hang on until my birthday, the doctor gave her about two hours but she kept fighting for over three times that long , but didn’t quite make it.

As you can imagine being born in 1916 and going through both world wars made her a strong person, she always appeared to outsiders as a battle-axe, and she could be one if she or her family were crossed, but mainly that facade was to protect herself and hide the fact she was extremely shy.  Anyone who came to know her could not help but like and respect her, even though her dry wit and sarcasm often went over their heads and sometimes came across as being rude, she was rarely knowingly hurtful, unless of course someone dared upset her offspring, then all hell would break loose.

With seven children and a myriad of grand children obviously her family was the most important thing in her life, and although there were often arguments she would always forgive us, even if that sometimes took years (due too her stubborn Kent blood, which also flows through many of her offspring).  She has always been a rock to us all, I would like to think I was one of the closest to her, after living the first twelve years of my life in the same house as her, and the last seven in a flat about five metres from hers, I feel like I have lost a parent and not a grandparent.

Though she was ninety one years old she was still full of life, and none of us believe it was her time, no it’s not just anger and grief talking, there are many questions that need answering about both her treatment before and after she entered hospital late on the 16th, once her histology report comes through we will know more.  Anyone else living in the UK will know how poorly the NHS treats elderly patients, it has been shown time and again, and I intend to make them listen and anyone responsible pay with their jobs, yes I know doctors aren’t Gods and can make mistakes, but too many seem to have been made for a fairly common condition with a low mortality rate.

I will end this post with a personal message, she wouldn’t approve of moping and being overly emotional.

I will do my utmost in anything I do to show that I respect your memory and make you proud, I am the man I have become today in large part due to you,  your face will be forever etched in my mind and a part of my soul missing, the love I feel for you will never fade Nan, be at peace.

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