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Well last nights episode was great as always, I was a bit sad to read the official story from the writers that Sam did die, but it works well, I think I will always stick with this guys interpretation in my heart though

My own personal view was that he was mad, he had gone back in time and he was in a coma…all three!
In a Quantum Leap type way after the crash that 2006 Sam had his soul (for want of a better word) was sent back in time took hold of the 1973 Sam Williams who was just about to start his undercover work. Perhaps this done by some higher power to both save Tyler’s brain, save Williams’ body and save Gene and the rest of the team. If this is the case Gene did and possibly still does, exist and always did. Maybe the way that the audience see’s the Sam as 2006 Sam would see himself but to everyone else he looks nothing like this and actually looks like Sam Williams.

What do you reckon?

Posted by: John

Hmm just realised that in both life on mars and quantum leap the main characters were called Sam, another coincidence?

Anyway thanks to the BBC, Matthew Graham, Ashley Pharoah, Tony Jordan, John Simm, Philip Glenister and of course Liz White for a great ride. I’ll be interested to see how the US version goes, hopefully they wont destroy it like so many other UK->US conversions, a Hollywood style ending would just be sad.

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  • At last, someone else who notices the Quantam Leap similarities!

    But I guess at the end of the day it’s harder now to be completely original.

    Not convinced by the sound of Ashes to Ashes – female lead who gets “romantically involved” with Hunt – romance in dramas like this never work. Imagine House with a girlfriend!

  • Yeah, I’m not sure how well Ashes to Ashes will work, but then again the life on mars team are great writers, so lets hope.

  • I saw this post on Planet Geospatial, just about freaked me out – been watching LOM on BBC Canada and they were 2 or 3 weeks behind the UK.

    It didn’t spoil the ending for me, which I think you’ll agree can interpreted many ways depending on the viewer.

    FYI – John Simm will be appearing in final couple of episodes of that other well known time travelling BBC series – Doctor Who.

  • Glad I didn’t spoil it for you, I had no idea LoM was popular outside of the UK. I figured it was too ‘British’ and lots of references just wouldn’t work, I’m glad to be proved wrong.

    I didn’t realise John Simm was appearing in DR.Who, excellent :)

  • I’m a Scot living in Canada, which explains my interest in British shows. Unfortunately here in the Great White North they don’t produce decent homemade shows, mostly show US imports, so I’m always on the lookout for quality British shows.

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