Offtopic : Is blogsearch censoring me

Now I may be totally wrong here, but up until recently if I did a search for ‘World Wind’ on Googles blogsearch I could guarantee I’d be on page one along with Chad, now I can’t even find my blog.

The strange things to note are, since the 14th I’ve had more visits than ever (I got a story on /.), my blog is mentioned in the text of several other sites that are on page 1 of blogsearch, and finally a search for ‘worldwind bull’ doesn’t give this blog at all, just several others that mention it. Oh and I’ve also been making more posts recently.

Maybe I’m just being paranoid, although Google have good reason to remove my blog, World Wind is seen as a competitor to Google Earth, plus I have made a few anti-Google posts and many anti-Google comments on IRC (I know Google read those logs).

OK that’s my rant over, back to ‘playing nice with Google’.

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