Off-Topic – New Graphics card – BFG GTX260 OC2 Maxcore Edition

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Well after a month or so of having to use my old ATI X1900XT I decided to buy myself a new card, I had to RMA my old evga 8800 GTS as it decided to totally freak out and only boot in 16 colours, looking around I found a decent card which seems to have the best bang for buck value the BFG GTX260 OC2 Maxcore Edition.  I only got it yesterday morning but I’ve been playing with it overnight and it does seem to be a beast, 8XQ AA with 4X AF and Oblivion is still totally playable, no benchmarks yet though as 3D Mark doesn’t want to run, probably due to a combination of things including NVIDIA beta drivers, Windows 7 and the ATI drivers refusing to completely uninstall.

Edit: I forgot to mention it also came with 3D Mark Vantage, Far cry 2 and a neat LED torch, this was a nice surprise  as the freebies weren’t mentioned on the site I purchased the card from or BFG’s website.

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