Notes to self (and anybody else who is interested) on building World Wind in release mode.

As most World Wind developers know getting it to build in release mode doesn’t ‘just work’, I think I have managed to get it to work again tonight, so here are the steps so I don’t forget.

1 – Check the Microsoft.DirectX References in all projects, if the version is delete it then add a new reference for Microsoft.DirectX version 1.0.2902.0.

2 – Build in debug mode.

3 – Create a directory in bin named Release and copy everything from binDebug to the binRelease folder.

4 – Open the properties for the RSS.NET project, select signing, tick ‘Sign the assembly’ and make a strong name key file, don’t use a password.

5 – Select release mode and hit build.

This worked for me on a clean checkout from SVN, if it doesn’t work for you ask a real dev not me!

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