Notes on the latest World Wind meeting

This was an interesting meeting with lots of important decisions and information,here are the main points –

*1 – A new NASA Open Source leader was voted into help organize the community into a more cohesive group, that leader was me (lets see how many ulcers I get now).

*2 – NASA intend to return to .NET development for World Wind 1.5 (depending on funding,politics, etc.), until then the Open Source community will run the project with releases approved by NASA.

*3 – World Wind Java will be API centric and not a stand alone app as such.

*4 – FEF will set up a daily builds server.

For a full transcript you can check here. Now I guess I had better start leading.

6 thoughts on “Notes on the latest World Wind meeting

  • Nope it shouldn’t be a dead end, lots of agencies will be relying on it, I believe NASA intend to make the .NET and Java versions more interoperable with a common API. I’m not entirely sure of course, but WW Java does have big money behind it so I think WWJ and WW.NET will be developed side by side.

  • Having two separate code bases that will be developed in parallel? As a coder, that really rubs me the wrong way. I’m glad I don’t have to coordinate that project.

  • Surely the alternative is to tell them to get stuffed. There appears to be no point to developing the .NET version beyond 1.4, so why is the community bothering?

  • The .NET version is way ahead of the JAVA version in terms of features, the JAVA version will take a long time to catch up. Also WW .NET is already used in many places, foring them to switch to JAVA seems unfair, also many of the devs working on WW are .NET programmers, do they just find another project to work on?

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