No Justice in the UK – Nurse attackers given not guilty verdict on technicalities

The Gloucestershire Echo has a story on a nurse attacked just before Christmas, the two criminals were given a sentence of not guilty on technicalities, mainly due to the police messing up the identification line up, the full story is at This is Gloucestershire.

Unfortunately comments are not being accepted there so I will leave my response here instead, I would encourage you all to leave any comments on the story here too, I will only edit bad language.

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Edit : This is Gloucestershire seem to have reopened comments.

2 thoughts on “No Justice in the UK – Nurse attackers given not guilty verdict on technicalities

  • I would like to say this was a total mess by the police and I believe the judge and prosecutor were also pretty useless, thanks to this two violent criminals were found not guilty, at least Smith is still in custody, he has a long history of crime, remember pyjama boy, the boy we all paid for to go on a ‘rehabilitation’ holiday, same guy, do a search here and you will find plenty about Smith.

    The lady attacked was an on duty nurse, she is an amazing and caring person who works hard to support her family, her main concern when she was attacked and threatened with a screwdriver was not her own safety, but the fact that all her children’s Christmas presents, which were in her car, would be stolen and their Christmas ruined.

    I’m totally disgusted by the whole sham of a trial and also very angry.

  • you stupid person when was i sent on holiday then? how can you make a comment about stuff you have not a clue of, i had nothing to do with any robbery you sap, violent? have i any convictions in the last 10 years for a violent crime? if your angry find the people who done this crime and do something about it you sausage, i find you to be a confused person, have the police ever set someone up? do you beleave corruption is dead? the police dont lie? i could go into it all but the truth is i dont care about any of it no more as long as i know i am inocent that is all that matters

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