Newspaper and BMJ articles plus site updates

A quick update about the site and some Newspaper and BMJ articles I wrote last year.  I won’t lie last year and this year are pretty rubbish and I’m not enjoying life at all, but I have been trying to do positive things when possible.

Back at the beginning of the pandemic I was asked to write an opinion piece for The BMJ –

I have also written two articles for the local press –

Behind the scenes I’ve been continuing my work as co-chair of Pathfinders Neuromuscular Alliance.  Doing some free OpenLearn courses and Codecademy, listening to books on Audible and dealing with the day to day tasks involved with managing a care team.

Another thing I have managed to do is add more photo galleries to this website and make some minor tweaks.  You may see a few visual improvements along with a generally faster site too.

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