News update – World Wind RC, motherboards and cats

News update - World Wind RC, motherboards and cats

Some News updates as I’ve been busy, and lazy, recently.

Firstly NASA development of the .NET client version of World Wind has basically been stopped, the lead developer has been pulled off and placed in the Java development team (kicking and screaming I imagine). The main reason for this move is a very large amount of money has been given to NASA for Java development, and an alpha release deadline of December has been announced.

Now some good news, Patrick Hogan has requested that the Open Source community prepare World Wind 1.4 and 1.3.6 for release, we will fix any bugs and make an installer, this will then be sent to NASA for checking and release. After this release FEF intends to negotiate a longer term solution to keep .NET development going. You can download RC versions of 1.4 and 1.3.6 from the World Wind forums.

The rest of this post isn’t World Wind related so feel free to stop reading if you are bored.

While playing with my DELL Axim X51v in bed Tuesday I came across Virtual Earth Mobile, this is a very cool app that lets you view Microsoft live local imagery on your PDA, it worked flawlessly and if you have a GPS it will even locate your current position (I didn’t try it as I was pretty sure I was in my bed at home). As I have yet to get any map sites to load in a webbrowser on my PDA I was extremely pleased to find this piece of software, now I can view geopr0n anywhere.

I purchased another new motherboard and CPU (ASUS P5B and Pentium D 820), this is one wicked combination, the CPU is rated at 2.8GHz 800MHz FSB stock, without any expensive cooling equipment (just an arctic cooling CPU heatsink/fan) or voltage adjustments I have it running stably at 3.5GHz with a 1000MHz FSB! For overclockers out there I highly recommend this combination, it blows more expensive CPU’s out of the water.

Now for some sad news, my 13 year old cat had to be put to sleep on Monday, he had broken his leg a few weeks ago with no apparent cause and ever since we had been fighting to give him a chance. Eventually after many expensive visits to the vet we had to make the decision all pet owners dread, its especially hard as we owned his mother and he was born in this flat, but it was the right decision, he was wasting away with practically no energy and his leg wasn’t going to heal, at the end he kept asking to go outside and it was pretty obvious he just wanted to find somewhere quiet to curl up an eternally sleep, if his leg hadn’t been in plaster I would probably have let him go so he could die with dignity.

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