New year news part 3 – ISIS 3.1.14 released

Not World Wind related but I usually blog when a new version of Isis is released –


ISIS 3.1.14 RELEASE 2007/12/20


A new version of Isis 3 is now available. For download and installation information please see the Isis 3 Installation Guide:

To view the release notes, click on the following link:

If you are only interested in HiRISE processing, and/or are restricted as to the amount of space you have available for ISIS and its ancillary data, then you can choose to only install the base and MRO specific data areas. To do this, use the following commands:

– cd $ISISROOT/../data

– rsync -avz

/data/base .- rsync -avz .

If you have a multi-OS environment, it is possible, and recommended, that you set it up so all versions share the same data area. To do this, simply set the environment variable “ISIS3DATA” to the equivalent of “$ISISROOT/../data” *after* sourcing the ISIS3 startup file.




If you are upgrading to version 3.1.14 from version 3.1.11, you MUST download the latest Isis Data Files!!!

If you are using version 3.1.11 and you are not upgrading to 3.1.14, you MUST NOT upgrade the Isis Data Files!!!




Previous Version: ISIS 3.1.13

Current Version : ISIS 3.1.14

The ISIS Management Team

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