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I had been wanting to move my blog from to a real host for some time, is great but I have found it limiting a few times, no javascript, not enough detail in the site stats and no ad’s (if I decided I wanted some), plus a limited amount of widgets, so I finally took the plunge.

First of all I decided I’d give it a go on godaddy, I had some free hosting credits for my domains, following the setup guide at was fairly easy, especially as I have never used mysql or phpmyadmin before, the only snag was you MUST use the linux server not the windows option.  I of course chose windows first and the mysql server wouldn’t connect.

After a few hours of figuring out settings and editing the theme to my liking I was finally done, well almost the RSS feed spat out rubbish, after removing all white space in the php files, as suggested by google, and still not having success I googled again, it turns out godaddy’s free hosting puts in an ad which messes up the RSS XML.

Next I decided it was time to get some proper hosting, I went with vidahost as I know one of the owners from the World Wind irc channel, nice and cheap and perfect for a blog with not too much traffic.

The process of transferring wordpress from one host to another is pretty simple, export the mysql database, download all your files by ftp, then upload the files to the new host, import the mysql database and edit your wp-config.php for your new host.  Of course nothing is ever quite that simple, I had a few issues but these guides helped, and I had a few issues with the mysql database not connecting, but after deleting it and adding everything I could think of to the wp-config, including adding a port to localhost it worked.

Now I just have to wait for the domain to transfer across, according to this guide it shouldn’t take long

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