New Birds Eye Imagery in Virtual Earth

I read this post on the virtual earth blog

A major imagery release just went online at Live Maps and the Virtual Earth platform – 3.8 terabytes worth.

So decided to check it out, I figured Hastings castle might be covered, as I was born in Hastings I took a look, and there it was, great, now I moved around a bit expecting the imagery to only cover a small patch, but nope, I could even see my old house!

New Birds Eye Imagery in Virtual Earth
Ok cool, but my current town of Cheltenham wouldn’t be covered, there is no castle here, but what the heck I zoomed over clicked the birds eye view and w00t!,there it was.

New Birds Eye Imagery in Virtual Earth
Viewed in World Winds internal browser with the VE plugin active
Here is another image of GCHQ, England’s communication monitoring site (spying HQ), looks pretty cool.

New Birds Eye Imagery in Virtual Earth
So in summary a great update from Microsoft, especially for UK users.

4 thoughts on “New Birds Eye Imagery in Virtual Earth

  • You missed the best part of it–5 new 3D cities in the UK, the first ones we’ve produced outside of the US! Check out Plymouth, Gloucester, Cardiff, Wolverhampton, and Bristol.

  • Sounds great, of course windows and interned exploer refuse to cooperate, I even resorted to updating to ie 7, made a trusted site etc. etc. but no 3D view, it goes through the set initial settings, then mousetip, after that a white window which eventually asks if I want to install VE3D beta (which is instaled, I doublechecked by letting it run the install app again, that asks if I want to uninstall VE), oh well something is conflicting but I cant track it down, I’m sure I’ll try again sometime though ;)

  • In a couple of days there will be a code release making install work better. I apologize for the previous mess.

    You should probably proceed as follows. 1. Wait a week till the new code is available. 2. Go to control panel and remove “VE 3d Beta”. 3. Go to web site and hit 3d and when it says install, let it do what it wants.

    Good luck.

  • Thanks for the tip :) No problems I’m used to beta problems with world wind, some are just a nightmare to debug, I look forward to trying out the new UK 3D towns soon.

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