Nesta Roberts, Shark Diver

Nesta Roberts Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner on Justgiving

A few days ago I was on Twitter (nothing new there) and noticed a Tweet to me with no avatar, I looked and saw it said this

Nesta Roberts ‏@NestaRoberts

@Daniel___BSc You’ve inspired me! Please check it out!!


Now me being me saw that it said I was inspiring, had no avatar and just contained links as a sure sign it was spam, I had my finger over the report as spam button and was just about to click, then a strange thought occurred to me, maybe this wasn’t spam?  I clicked the link warily and up popped a picture of a beautiful young lady, obviously spam!

Fortunately I had the sense to tweet my best friend Kylie next, she quickly gave me a virtual slap and told me I was being stupid for assuming it was spam, those weren’t her exact words but suffice it to say I got a good telling off.

It turns out Kylie was right (as usual), Nesta, a person I have never met, had read an article about me online via the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign website and decided she would try to raise money for the campaign by doing a shark dive.  So please consider sponsoring this amazing and brave woman by clicking here, I am very humbled and grateful that a complete stranger would, out of the blue, do this, thank you Nesta for raising funds for the campaign and also for making me feel very special.

Sponsor Nesta’s shark dive on JustGiving and help raise money for the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign.

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