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I worked closely with the NASA WorldWind team when they were using Microsoft’s .NET, things have changed and evolved since then but Patrick Hogan still manages the project, he’s a good guy who I can now call a friend as well as colleague, this is an exciting opportunity for anyone with the skills required and a US citizen, I wish I met that criteria to be honest.  You can find out more about WorldWind by exploring this blog and also by exploring the links at the top of the WorldWind Forum.

“NASA is looking for a talented and enthusiastic team player to join our WorldWind development team (Android, JavaScript, Java). This is a virtual position, so no move is required. This person must be a US citizen and we would prefer someone not too far from the Pacific time zone. Degrees are not as important as strong spatial data visualization capability. For more information please contact [email protected]

Along with Patrick the successful applicant will also be working with David Collins and Bruce Schubert who are extremely talented and and great to work with!

I am also still active in the WorldWind community and help maintain WorldWind central so you may also be lucky enough to interact with me on occasion.

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