NASA World Wind wins NASA Software of the Year award

At long last NASA has given credit to World Wind, Patrick Hogan, Project Manager for World Wind at NASA Ames, has just let me know that NASA has awarded this years Software of the Year award to NASA World Wind.

Details are posted on the community run  forum at WorldWind Central, Patrick goes on to thank the Open Source community for helping the NASA team achieve this, I hope this shows other Government agencies that Open Source projects can work and that collaboration with the public can achieve great things.

The official announcement reads –

“We are pleased to announce that the NASA Software Advisory Panel has selected NASA World Wind Java (WWj) Software Development Kit (SDK) and Web Mapping Services (WMS) Server (ARC-15166-1) as the winner of the 2009 NASA Software of the Year.”

The formal ceremony for the presentation of the winners’ medals is scheduled for the NASA Project Management Challenge Conference, February 9-10,2010, in Galveston, Texas.


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