NASA World Wind Video – Sharks in Space

After chatting with Joseph on irc about a blog post in which he mentions that Astronauts suits are impregnated with shark repellent I was inspired to make this short video clip.

For those interested here is part of the channel log

21:08:13 < grobda24> josepharmbruster, good blog article ? Shark repellant ? NASA. The people who think of everything.
21:08:39 < grobda24> Actually there is no ? after the first statement ! It is good.

22:25:51 <+Bull_[UK]> grobda24 of course shark repellent is needed, there are sharks with laser beams circling the ISS constantly
22:26:51 < maurizioSA> beams? how many?
22:28:07 <+Bull_[UK]> one per Shark I believe, attatched to thier frontal lobe
22:33:55 < maurizioSA> uhmm ... mono ... those you can keep away with air bubbles ;)
22:34:11 <+Bull_[UK]> heh
22:37:16 < maurizioSA> I guess that explains it. not easy to make air bubbles in space :D
22:38:02 <+Bull_[UK]> yeah kind of awkward in a vacuum
22:38:48 * Bull_[UK] looks for some 3D shark models on google
22:39:56 < maurizioSA> that also explains chinese space program ... shark fin soups
22:41:17 <+Bull_[UK]> :)
23:10:16 <+Bull_[UK]> found a .3ds shark model, now to convert it to .x and try loading it in WW ;)
23:10:30 < fiveofoh> Hahaha
23:10:49 < grobda24> All sharks must be tracked !
23:21:05 < T_Servo> because of Homeland Security issues

I made the video using WW .NET with a few plug-ins, no photoshopping involved, the Sharks are models from which I converted to .x and replaced the Iridium.x model in the sattelite tracker plug-in with.

The full quality video clip can be downloaded here.

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