More NASA World Wind based GIS software

It looks like there’s another way that World Wind is kicking googles butt by being open source, yesterday we got a mailing list from a developer at Geosoft telling us about a new product they have made based on World Winds code, it’s cool and is called Dapple.

Dapple has a more GE/Arcview type interface, not as spiffy looking as world Wind, but it allows you to easily do more powerful things with layers like setting render priority and opacity, it is aimed at geoscience and has several layers not included in World Wind, due mainly to its ability to access DAP servers and its improved WMS support, all in all a very nice product, and I should also mention it is free and Open Source too.

For more information see the Earth is square blog, which includes information on another World Wind based product SERVIR-VIZ.

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