MCM London 2016 Cosplay

I will be doing an MCM London 2016 Cosplay on Sunday, my costume isn’t as elaborate as I’d like as I have to rely on others for most of it and we have run out of time now, there’s a few more additions to make though such as LEDs and EL wire which should be done in time.

MCM London 2016 Cosplay Preview

MCM London 2016 Cosplay Preview Daniel wearing his Flash costume

MCM London 2016 Cosplay Preview Burgundy cape with The Flash logo attached to the back of a wheelchair

I’m happy to pose with anyone as long as I’m not rushing to a photoshoot, please let my PA take a photo too as too often in the past I haven’t been able to find the pictures taken with me after the event.  I may seem quiet, this is due to my voice not being very load and finding it impossible to be heard over the comiccon background noise.

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