MCM Comiccon November 2019

My annual trip to MCM Comiccon November 2019 arrived this last weekend.  I had an enjoyable time catching up with my people (the geeks and nerds), chatting with friends and watching talks.

Imperial troops standing in front of the MCM logo at MCM Comiccon November 2019

Keeping busy!

I needed this escape, things have been hectic and stressful around here again.  One of my carers had recently been  admitted to hospital.  We were all very worried about her, but luckily she’s now doing well.  I also had Issues with my ventilator, thankfully have now been given a third machine as a backup!   My overnight stay at the Brompton for a check up was cancelled last minute too, so that has had to be rearranged, along with all the care support needed.  I’ve also had various meetings and a project report to write for Barnwood Trust.  The Barnwood work was a good distraction and gave me a well needed sense of achievement though.

Continuing Healthcare

With my carer being off sick I had to arrange some emergency care cover.  This was not easy as Continuing Healthcare hadn’t put anything in place, despite me giving multiple warnings in the past.  It was very stressful organising things, but some care was provided.  I couldn’t go out of course as my condition is very specific and carers need to know me and my equipment very well to work out what’s going wrong should an emergency occur.  It’s not a tick box exercise, multiple things could be going wrong while I have no air, you have to know exactly what you are doing and this takes time to learn.  Continuing Healthcare don’t seem to understand this at all.  I wonder if they would let a newly qualified pilot fly a plane he hasn’t flown before, into a storm, with no experienced co-pilot?

MCM Comiccon November 2019

Anyway enough of that, back to Comiccon.  I decided on two costumes this time, Galavant and The Flash.  Other than really liking both these cosplays I had to take into account the cold weather.  Wearing my superman lycra costume or Highlander kilt just wasn’t going to work!

I modified my Galavant costume a little to mitigate the cold, I couldn’t have short sleeves and a bare chest.  Pulling the sleeves down and grabbing a fake chain mail tunic to go under my shirt helped.  This meant I could also wear a baselayer and usb powered heat pad underneath, as now they wouldn’t show.  The Flash costume was easier, it already covered me so I could wear extra layers underneath easily.

Sean Astin on stage at MCM Comiccon November 2019

This event is always heavily geared towards cosplayers, so there weren’t many celebrity guests.  I did get to watch a talk with Sean Astin, a preview of Invasion Planet Earth (go see it!) and a couple of other panels.

As always I got to see my friend Tabby.  This time her Dad Nic was also there showing off their Winston build!  I bumped into Tasha Cosplay too and quite a few other friends I’ve made at these conventions.

Collage of photos of Daniel Baker in cosplay at MCM Comiccon November 2019

I think these interactions were my highlights, along with so many people wanting pictures with me and admiring my costumes.  The personal connections, with everyone being treated equally and admired for their achievements, without any pity or judgment, is very important for me and something often hard to find.

My Flash costume was the most popular, as it usually is.  Personally I’m more proud of my Galavant, but it’s quite a niche show so only a few true fans recognise it.  It was a successful event despite a few hiccups and I’m really looking forward to the my comiccon in December.

MDUK Spirit of Christmas

Several people holding candles at Gloucester Cathedral, including the Mayor of Gloucester

One last thing I should add is that the MDUK Spirit of Christmas concert is being held at Gloucester Cathedral on December 5th.  It’s always a lovely event for everyone, especially families and children.   As usual I was at the launch a few weeks ago.  I caught up with the Forest of Dean branch and met the Mayor of Gloucester.  I’ll share the link when it goes online.

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