Looking Back to April 18th 2014 visiting Sudeley Castle

Looking Back

During this period of 12 weeks shielding I don’t want to look to the future or make plans.  So instead I’ve I decided to look back.  I am looking through my photos daily, finding pictures from the same date and remembering what I was doing.  I’m not sure if it will help as a form of therapy, maybe it will just distract me from things for a few minutes.

Each day I will try to post pictures, a new blog post, or quote an old blog post from that date.  When quoting an old post I’m adding extra photos that I have from that day too, so there should always be something new to see.

April 18th 2014 visiting Sudeley Castle

Today I’m looking back to April 18th 2014 visiting Sudeley Castle.  My Aunt was visiting at the time and I wanted to take her somewhere interesting.  Sudeley Castle is local so seemed a good choice.

I remember it was a pleasant day, but not hot, we still needed coats.  We parked up and I turned on my GoPro (I didn’t have my DSLR at that point).  After visiting the aviaries we headed to the gardens and I sat and relaxed looking at the clouds drift past.

We then went past the small chapel, through the hedges and relaxed by the fountain.

Daniel Baker in his wheelchair passing through archways cut in large hedges Looking Back to April 18th 2014 visit to Sudeley Castle

After this we had lunch and explored the ground floor of the castle itself.  I then found my way to the Koi pond, where I relaxed again, watching the fish and ducks.

There was some more wandering after this before we all headed back to the van.  Arriving at the van I spotted some sheep and lambs on the common by the car park.  My Aunt and myself headed over, leaving Mum to rest in the van.  After managing to find a wheelchair friendly access point, I headed in and had a pleasant chat with the Lambs and their patient parents.

Daniel Baker in his wheelchair facing an interested lamb Looking Back to April 18th 2014 visit to Sudeley Castle

It’s a rather nice day to remember, especially as I don’t get out with my Mum and Aunt together often.  Sudeley castle is reasonably accessible on the ground floor and the gardens are good too, although there are some steep slopes.



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