Is Bush an idiot?

Is Bush an idiot?

I just saw this over on Brownian emotion, if you don’t read the article just watch the video, it is hilarious and slightly scary as this is the most powerful politician in the world, it did miss one of my favorite clips where he keeps talking about hamburgers though.

5 thoughts on “Is Bush an idiot?

  • To each it’s own opinion. But do keep in mind, blogs are “co-linked”. I don’t expect going to example) and seeing a pure politcal, non-geospatial post linked or showing up.

    Not sure if there is a way to tag it, so it doesn’t show up else where. :)

    But back to the subject at hand.

    Being an idiot in politics is all realitve, in the eye of the beholder. I can think of a few idiotic things all the presidents in my life time have done. Especially the past one.

    Thanks for the link, it was a interesting read until the end. I was left thinking whether or not anyone see’s the bigger picture anymore. And it didn’t matter who was in the seat after 9/11.

    The shit-hit-the-fan finally, after staring us in the face for decades. Something had to be done. I doubt any other current politican or wanna-be politican would have or even could have done better. (Not saying everything is great or has been done well)

    I bet, alot of the same things would have worked out. Like the WMD argument. Alot don’t know or have forgotten the speech in 98 Clinton gave to Congress about Iraq and WMDs. Or the offical policy to change the government of Iraq.

    Wouldn’t you think if Gore was in office, he would have used the same argument? He would only need to site he previous boss.

    Anyway, I could go on for to long. Keep up all the good work with NWW and FEF.


  • Sorry Kos, I didn’t realise my articles were automatically co-linked, I assumed there would be some human moderation, this site was never intended to be purely a gis site, but my general rambles, if anyone knows a way to tag a post non-gis please tell me.

    Do I think Bush is an idiot? I actually hope he is, if not he’s extremly clever, people will look back at his presidency and say “well he never planned that, he was just dumb”.

    But the main reason I linked to the site was the video, I found it very funny, of course the clips don’t prove he is an idiot just that he doesn’t handle speaking in public very well.

  • No need to be sorry. :)

    I realize your blog could be anything. With alot of blogs feeding into others, others of different focus or intent, just thought it was out of place.

    Not to say I didn’t enjoy the topic or the linked article and video. I do enjoy honest debate.

    And I would say, part of my response wasn’t directed at you. Had the article still on my mind, for example the WMD comment. My apologizes if you thought otherwise.

    All the best


  • Kos, I’m not sure what part of the WMD comment you were bothered by, but feel free to post your concerns about the article in those comments. We can hash it out.

    /thanks for linking, Bull

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