Intermission – Watching Warblers West

Watching Warblers West text over a cgi of the Earth viewing North America

I thought I’d post something lighter after the last two posts, I’ll hopefully do the final (for now) instalment of that soon.  I have been transferring my DVD/Bluray collection to a media server so I don’t have to ask someone every time I want to watch a firm or TV show, during this I came across something I’d completely forgotten about, a DVD labelled Watching Warblers West.

Watching Warblers West credits showing credit to NASA World Wind

I played this DVD somewhat puzzled as to why it was in my collection but after about two minutes everything because clear, there was an animation of the Earth slowly rotating and zooming out, I had helped the production make this using NASA World Wind!  It was back in 2009 when I was doing a lot of work with NASA on the project, part of that involved helping people on projects that used the program, I made quite a few clips for different things, including Hooked on the Fly, A Global Warning? and this Watching Warblers West.  It was an enjoyable time when I learned lots of new skills and virtually met lots of interesting people from different fields, it was hard work to be sure and at times some of the requests seemed impossible, especially with the documentaries when post production time was incredibly short or they’d suddenly realised Google Earth was not good enough and needed something else now.  Sadly those times are gone, I do help out NASA with the World Wind forum still and with any other requests I get but the main project has become web based and no longer supports the video tools I used to use, I try dabbling every so often but it’s not possible to just make an add-on or plugin now, I miss .NET.

Watching Warblers West credits showing credit to Daniel Baker

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