I hate slashdot

I submitted another article about World Wind to slashdot last night and again it got rejected, I know they can’t accept every story but it is supposed to be ‘news for nerds’, so how come a story about golf makes the front page and a NASA app doesn’t?

Well here’s the text of my submission, feel free to post it to any news sites.

Version 1.3.4 of NASA World Wind (the GE for nerds and scientists), has been released, this time NASA has pulled out all the stops, working closely with the Open Source community lots of new features have been added, including a near realtime global cloud layer and kml placemark importing. In addition three new planets have been added Mars, Venus and Jupiter, also data from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey can be viewed. This release coincides with World Wind moving from the NASA learning technologies department to space exploration, hence the more scientific bent of this release.

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