Hot hot hot, World Wind Weather data

Hot hot hot, World Wind Weather data

Ok so it’s the hottest July day ever in the United Kingdom, see this BBC article if you don’t believe me, so of course I checked in world Wind instead of going outside, and yes it’s 35C here, then I figured lots of people probably have no idea how good World Wind is at displaying weather related information, so I’ll post some information here.

First off the picture above shows temperature data from METAR, the plugin used for this is the ‘Weather plugin‘, it shows very recent temperatures, the temperature screenshot above was less than an hour old.

Next up two avi’s (use an xvid codec to view them), both are from the built in NRL plugin, the amount data available from NRL is amazing, global IR, Europe rain rate and wind shear, plus lots of other stuff I have no clue about, and of course if you select multiple images they animate like in these clips, Global IR and Europe IR.

Finally you can also view MODIS imagery from OnEarth at JPL, which is 250m resolution and updated roughly twice a day, to get that xml see this World Wind forum thread, and here’s a screenshot from AQUA MODIS today.

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