Google Ocean and EarthBrowser 3.0 released

Ok so Google Ocean isn’t out yet but EarthBrowser 3.0 is, good luck fighting the big boys Matt, hopefully being flash based it will find a niche.

Anyway on to Google Ocean, the video above is obviously from WorldWind, we have had bathymetry for a couple of years and have lots of NOAA data add-ons, which you can find here, we also had a direct link to a NOAA WMS provding lots of Ocean data, this seems to have gone and we no longer have such a close relationship since Google started wooing them. The main thing I see Google needing to add for Ocean’s is negative elevation support, I’m kind of surprised they haven’t already done this as it affects locations like the Dead Sea (see images below) and Death valley too, if we can do it with a few developers and no budget I’m sure they can.

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