Google Earth is NOT free

Some people tend to think that as they don’t pay for GE it is free, do they really believe a company is going to buy expensive (and by expensive I mean really really expensive) satellite imagery and give it away? Is anyone still really that naive?

Here are a few interesting things to note

1. – You can’t use GE at work or to make money
This Software is for non-commercial use only and your rights in the Software are strictly limited to home, personal or recreational use only by you and not for the benefit of third parties.

2 – You can’t take screenshots
You shall not copy, reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, translate, modify or make derivative works of the Software, geographical information,screen outputs or prints in whole or in part.

3 – GE is not secure
The US National Guard has banned the use of GE due to ‘security issues’.

There are many other reasons why Google Earth should not be considered free, but I’ll leave something for people to add in the comments section, hey that’s what it’s for isn’t it?

Please note I’m not talking about the premium versions of GE.

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