Gloucester Citizen Article on Duchenne

In the lead up to Muscular Dystrophy UK’s Spirit of Christmas concert I was asked to write an article for the local paper, I have been pretty honest and open this year so I decided I’d follow that theme and write an honest Gloucester Citizen Article on Duchenne, it’s not my best writing, or favourite article, but is from the heart and has had a good response from people.

Daniel Baker wearing a grey hat at Gloucester Cathedral Duchenne

.        Launch of Spirit of Christmas charity concert for the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign.
         Daniel Baker.
         Picture: Eloisa Wildsmith 27-10-14

Please consider donating to Muscular Dystrophy UK, Action Duchenne or any other charity that supports people with muscle wasting conditions.

Daniel baker inbetween two women in front of a huge Christmas inside Gloucester Cathedral

.        My Goddaughter, friend Ana and myself at Spirit of Christmas in Gloucester Cathedral

I haven’t had the best year and this article reflects my current struggles, this year’s openness hasn’t served me well either, all it seems to have done is cause me hurt, heartbreak and to lose trust in people,  my intention is to go back to my previous self next year and be stronger.  I am trying hard to get through and am doing everything that’s normally suggested in these times, focusing on projects, speaking to a psychologist, pushing myself to get out when possible….

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