Global Mapper v8.02 Released

From the Global Mapper news section –

Global Mapper Software LLC is pleased to announce the availability of Global Mapper v8.02 for download at Over 100 enhancements and bug fixes have been made to Global Mapper since the v8.01 release, making v8.02 the biggest point release in our history!

The most significant changes are described below:

* Added the ability to load layers (like graphic images) to be displayed at a fixed location on the screen rather than tied to earth coordinates. This allows you to add things like headers and watermarks very easily. There is a new File menu command called “Open Data File at Fixed Screen Location” that allows this.
* Added ability to export any loaded data to tiled images for use in NASA’s World Wind application. The new World Wind export option under the File->Export Raster and Elevation Data menu will correctly break your data up into tiles at various zoom levels and also create the necessary XML file to view your data in World Wind.
* Added the ability to copy features selected with the Digitizer Tool to the clipboard and then paste that copied data into any running instance of Global Mapper by using the new Edit menu options.
* Added ability for users to add support for additional raster and elevation export formats through a DLL-plugin architecture (see the Developers/SDK page at for details).

Many other enhancements and bug fixes were made as well. See the What’s New page at for a complete list of changes.

Note that this is a free upgrade for registered users of any Global Mapper v8.xx product. Registered Global Mapper v7.xx users can purchase an upgrade for only $99 US from the Download/Purchase page at .

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  • Daniel, I have an off topic question. You mentioned in an earlier post that i-cubed is donating it’s color balanced 15 meter Landsat dataset to the public domain. I am wondering if you could post more information about that or contact me directly at mgiger {at} earthbrowser {dot} com or let me know how to email you ( seems to be down). I am in the midst of trying to process my own landsat 15 meter dataset and would absolutely love to not have to do that all by myself. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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