General updates

First off I’m downloading Windows 7 Beta, so I may kill my PC, if I vanish you know why, you can get it from I had a bit of trouble getting it to download, I ended up having to use IE to view the download pages source, then paste the url beginning….. into Firefox, so far it’s downloading fast, 1.72 MB/s :)

I had problems compiling World Wind, which is one of the reasons there is no beta yet, it turns out Visual Studio was inserting extra references to DirectX which needed to be deleted one by one, fun.

Another reason for the delay is the Vundo/Virtumonde/Virtumondo trojan, it’s supposed to not do any damage, but for me it made explorer crash after boot up, I had to use task manager to run any apps. Fixing Vundo is a PITA, if you get it just reinstalling Windows is by far the easiest fix, I managed to kill it by running  Spybot S & D, Spyware Doctor, Bitdefender, VundoFix, manually removing registry entries, booting to UBCD4WIN on a usb stck and deleting the random dll’s and ini’s it puts in system32 and copying explorer.exe, winlogon and iexplorer from a clean PC to mine. It put up a damn good fight and took me two days solid to eradicate, but I won!

The other delay was of course Christmas (bah humbg), talking of which Mya says belated Seasons Greetings



And so does Chesney,



That’s all for now, time to burn Windows 7.

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