Geekmania Gloucester October 2019

I haven’t attended a local comiccon before.  There are two main reasons for this, firstly  they don’t have that many guests and secondly because comiccons are an escape for me and I don’t want to bump into local people I know.  But I decided to visit Geekmania Gloucester this year and had a really nice day.

Geekmania Gloucester collage with Nicholas Brendon

Geekmania Gloucester

There were only a few celebrity guests, many I must admit I didn’t know.  Nicholas Brendon, who played Xander in Buffy the Vampire slayer, was the main attraction.

The convention itself was in a large sports hall.  I was pleased to see the stalls were well spaced with wheelchair access obviously considered.  It did get a bit difficult to navigate at some points, but this happens at all conventions so I can’t fault the organisers.

Geekmania Gloucester cosplay competition

Geekmania Gloucester had a very relaxed atmosphere compared to the big conventions I’m used too.  This made a very nice change, I think it also helped the celebrities to be more relaxed too.  I watched a few talks, all free, wandered around and took some photos, generally just soaking it in.  Quite a few people wanted to pictures with me, which is always fun.

Celebrity Chats

During the day I had a few brief chats with celebrities, this doesn’t usually happen at big conventions.  Clem So complemented my costume, Sophie Aldred recognised me and said hi and Annette Badland came across to have a chat.  Annette seemed a very interesting and friendly person, I almost mentioned I’d been in Requiem, but thought it might sound pretentious.

Daniel Baker dressed as the Flash with Nicholas Brendon at Geekmania Gloucester image Copyright 2019 Roger Hathaway Photography

Nicholas Brendon – Image Copyright 2019 Roger Hathaway Photography

I also got my photo with Nicholas and watched his talk.  I believe I was either sitting next to his girlfriend or agent during this, which was rather cool.  She was playing with a toddler who had wandered over and prompting Nicholas on occasion if he didn’t mention something.  Nicholas himself was as I’d imagined, excited and enjoying himself, he mentioned his problems too which many would hide.  I didn’t get much time with him as photoshoots are always quick, but he was nice and friendly during it.

Geekmania Gloucester Daniel Baker dressed as The Flash with Captain America and Captain Marvel cosplayers

I think I’ll definitely attend again next year, I made new comiccon friends and enjoyed the totally different atmosphere.

This Sunday I’m attending Destination Star Trek in Birmingham, a busier convention but always fun, so expect more photos soon.

You can find all my photographs from this post in this Gallery –

October 2019

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