Federation of Galaxy Explorers – A childrens education charity

I just had a YouTube request to put a video from galaxyexplorers on the WorldWind channel, I can’t do that as it isn’t about WorldWind and doesn’t use a WorldWind clip, but the project sounds interesting So I thought I would mention it here instead.

From their website –

Kids in Galaxy Explorers attend after-school (or evening) monthly “Mission Team” meetings and periodic field trips. Adult volunteers teach Galaxy Explorers with easy to understand and fun-to-do educational material to provide a hands-on understanding of space science, earth science, engineering, and rocketry. Another primary theme – Space Citizenship – teaches the role of government, the power of citizens in a democracy, the promise of space expressed in art, writing, history, and business. Mission Team members wear uniform shirts and are rewarded for participation and achievements with ribbons, patches, medals, and certificates. Awards are an integral part of the program providing children self-esteem through achievement and recognition.

Be warned the YouTube channel has a rather distracting background, as do some of it’s webpages, but the content itself looks good.  I haven’t spent too much time exploring as it is aimed at a US audience, but some content would probably be useful in any country.

The Federation of Galaxy Explorers website has a lot more information so please check it out http://www.foge.org/launch.php

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