Fake pan-sharpening in World Wind

After reading this interesting post on Free Geography Tools, I thought I would show how easy it is to do something similar in World Wind.

I decided to use the USGS Digital Ortho layer (1m/px B&W) and mix it with the already pan-sharpened i-Cubed Landsat7 layer (15m/px colour), these image sets don’t match well at all with dates and time taken, but they can still give nice results.

First off turn on the i-Cubed layer in the Layer Manager.


Then turn on the USGS Digital Ortho Layer (don’t turn off i-cubed).


Now right click USGS Digital Ortho in Layer Manager to bring up the properties dialog, find Opacity and change it to something like 165.


An voila fake pan-sharpening that looks pretty good.

Fake pan

Here is another nice trick, mixing USGS Digital Ortho with USGS Topographic maps.

USGS Topographic

USGS Topographic

These features could also be useful for GIS professionals who want a quick demonstration of how their data will look pan-sharpened, without going through the lengthy/expensive processing.

1 thought on “Fake pan-sharpening in World Wind

  • Lengty/expensive? It takes me two seconds to spot-check a pan-sharpen in Photoshop (or any other image editor).

    I guess you just have to know what you’re doing. Or something.

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