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As some of you may know I have been working with a newly formed locally charity for just over a year, the charity is now officially registered with the charity commission and I am a trustee, a lot of work has gone into becoming a CIO,  making contacts within Gloucestershire and employing a development worker, we still have lots of training to do with GAVCA, but hopefully most of the bureaucracy is over for now.

I have also set up the DROP website, it’s not perfect but it’s progressing, I’ve also tried adding accessibility options but they are rather thin on the ground for WordPress, still something is better than nothing.  The last few days have been spent transferring our mail from our current email server, which has been dropping mail, to Google Apps for Non-Profits, I have to say that having email problems was probably a blessing in disguise, Google Apps has lots of extra features besides email that will be very useful for running a small charity.

Please take a look at http://drop-associates.org.uk/ (Archive.org) and if you want to get in touch regarding the charity, contact 
[email protected]

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