Death of a great man

This is a non-GIS post.

Unlike many people I have fond memories of my first headmaster (who was also my Mothers headmaster), Mr.Norcross was a caring man who would put himself out for any pupil, and pushed our school to do great things from recording a record, to putting on a play at the White Rock theatre.

He gave me assembly duty for two years, which involved putting up song lyrics on the OHP and helping choose which songs were played, and best of all got me out of having to sit through registration every morning, he also put himself out by letting me use his office for physiotherapy after I had a small operation.

I have only seen him once or twice since leaving Primary school (I left Hastings a few years later), but he remembered me, as I’m sure he would remember every former pupil, and seemed no different from when I knew him.

Since leaving his job as headmaster of St.Pauls School, he went on to become a counselor, chairman for education, chairman of East Sussex County Council, deputy lieutenant for East Sussex, a school governor, chair of his local hospice, St Michael’s, the chairman of PAT (Professional Association of Teachers), and received an OBE in 2005.

It came as sad news when I heard that he was struck and killed by a car while walking his 6 year old grandson home from school last Friday. My sympathies go out to his family, especially Mrs.Norcross who was also one of my teachers at primary school, I’m sure everyone who knew him will miss him, but he touched so many lives and inspired so many people that I’m sure his legacy will live on for years to come.

Goodbye and thank you for being such a great example to us all.

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