Coming soon to a World Wind near you

As World Wind enthusiasts know we were supposed to get a new 15m Landsat layer last year, due to reasons I can’t divulge this had to be scrapped.

But now we are to get our new Landsat, not processed by NASA but donated by i-cubed.

An Isilon cluster was used by i3 to optimally process the raw Landsat7 data using sophisticated i3 color-balancing algorithms. Isilon systems donated to NASA were again used to rapidly build the i3 donated color-balanced imagery into World Wind’s tiling scheme. Much thanks goes to i3 and Isilon for their generosity of this imagery into the public domain.

There are a few server issues to sort out, but once they are fixed the new Landsat will automatically be added to all World Wind clients.

Next up Chris Maxwell has started producing MODIS composites that are pretty stunning.

I actually do have full-globe modis being composited continually
I haven’t put it on the usual config XML yet because i wasn’t sure how stable it was
also, the modis is 24-72 hours old, depending on their server
looks pretty cool though

isn’t there a daily modis layer in onearth?

yeah, but it’s not full-globe
onearth rips it from rapid fire
which does most of the land cover, but generally not oceans
it’s really only worth doing if you get full-global coverage =)

And for the GIS professionals out there SWIR from MODIS.

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