Colin Brewer a Man of the People?

I heard about Councillor Brewer’s comments earlier this year and to be honest it disgusted me and I didn’t understand why someone hadn’t punched him as the words left his lips, this man, at an equality and diversity meeting for the council, had said he thought children with disabilities should be put down!

I was very pleased when I heard he had stepped down as a councillor, then shocked, when I heard recently that  he had been re-elected, you can read the story at the Disability News Service.  I really can’t understand why people would vote for him, do I not understand people at all?  I know a few must share his beliefs and some well known figures from history obviously  have shared them, but for a large group of people in the modern ‘civilized’ world to vote for him really astounds me.  Do the majority of people believe that spending money on keeping a beach open is more important than a human life?

Anyway Hayley from Downs Side Up has started a campaign to show that disabled people can make a positive contribution to society and are not just a drain on funds as Mr.Brewer believes.  Hayley is an amazing woman and together with her equally amazing daughter who has Downs Syndrome,  they fight to change peoples views of disability, using kindness and leading by example, her campaign fits this well, she wants people to share love and inspirational stories not hatred and anger, I really believe this campaign can make a difference and maybe my short post may help people think slightly too.

I would hope that I myself have given something back to society, I think I have, but I do feel some guilt in a way for using so much government money, I wish there was a choice, as I imagine most other people being supported by taxpayers money also do, but the truth is that the only alternative is death and that is something I will fight tooth and nail.

I really don’t like trying to make myself look good, it’s not in my nature, I also don’t do pity or self pity, so I’ll let others decide my worth by reading some guest posts I was asked to write for other blogs :-

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3 thoughts on “Colin Brewer a Man of the People?

  • Daniel I am crying. Tears of pride that I met you online, and anger, because you have been one of the most supportive people in my life in recent weeks, your wirth immeasurable.
    Thank you for this wonderful guest post.
    H x

  • I can’t imagine life without all my friends, and especially not without you. No one is entitled to make that judgement call.

    Thank you for being you and keep blogging and showing the world your true worth and potential. No limits

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