Castles Add-On updated to version 1.2

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This has taken a while to update, mainly because it’s low on my priority list and keeps getting sidetracked, but after a couple of years I have finally updated my Castles Add-On for World Wind to version 1.2.  The Add-On now contains over 200 clickable placemarks!

The Add-On is a fairly simple one, basically it shows the location of castles with an icon, clicking an icon loads a webpage with information about that castle, some icons also have a shortt description when you hover over them, you can download it from World Wind Central, or by navigating to the Add-Ons section using the menu at the top of this web page.  I have made a few improvements in this version including adding a new clearer placemark icon and checking castle locations using the Microsoft Virtual Earth Plug-in, as usual I used a combination of WINK SPOTS and Notepad++ to make the Add-On, a couple of notes though, first WINK SPOTS isn’t too happy with Windows 7 (and probably Vista), so run the installer and app using XP Compatibility mode and Admin privileges, second don’t use reindent xml in Notepad++ if your xml has foreign characters, it totally messed up my Add-On by inserting &blah’s into it to replace them.

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