Brompton – Day 1

Royal Brompton - Day 1 view from ward window

Brompton – Day 1 of my 7 day stay, transport arrived on time and didn’t have any idea what their office was talking about when they said they’d arrive sometime between 1 and 3 for my 3 o’clock appointment (travelling takes over 2 hours).

We arrived on time and got up to our room, bigger this time although it did involve some furniture rearranging to get my wheelchair in, next was the usual observations and check in quiz of 100 questions, followed by the Doctor came over to welcome me.  We then had to rush over to accommodation before it closed to make sure Mum had somewhere to sleep, unfortunately this meant I missed meeting up with a friend who had an appointment here today too.

Once we were back in the room the doctor returned and took blood to measure my blood gas levels, he went over the nights itinerary along with tomorrows, sleep study connected to a Tosca 500 tonight, tomorrow morning I see Professor Simonds, followed by an X-Ray then videoflouroscopy in the afternoon and also the cardiologist will visit which I’m somewhat nervous about.

We managed to get a hoist and in bed with less problems this time and were ready for the respiratory team member who set me up for a sleep study and discussed having a PEG and swapping ventilators, I’ll think about it like she said, there are pros and cons but I suspect this is the beginning of a week of major prodding for things I’d rather avoid and changes I don’t want.

The last thing tonight was a tummy injection to reduce the chance of clots, oh that was after taking samples of bodily fluids and swabs of everywhere they could think of.

Time for sleep now and maybe another update tomorrow night depending on how things go.

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