Brief update for December 2019

Just Brief update for December 2019 as I haven’t posted much recently.  I’ve had lots going on around care, being let down by some agencies and interviewing others, I’ve put adverts up on Indeed and elsewhere trying to recruit but it’s all extremely stressful.

I’ve had little time for myself and wasted days waiting for emails and phone calls.  NHS Continuing Healthcare are doing what they can, which I do appreciate, but there’s still a long way to go.  I am coming up with ideas and negotiating with them.  I have managed to get a pay increase for private staff.  This will hopefully encourage my PA to stay and also help with recruitment too.

There’s also an ongoing struggle to find a three bedroom bungalow.  I’ve been on the council waiting list nearly two years and not even got to the viewing stage.  We have a meeting with the council next week, which I’m hoping is about housing but the letter was vague.  We really need this, not just for medical equipment, but it’s also putting off potential staff as they have no separate space.

Getting Out

Silhouette of Daniel baker watching a sunset next to Clifton pier

I forced myself to have a long day out on Tuesday, although I didn’t really feel up to it.  I decided I wouldn’t check emails all day and just focus on the moment.  Although it was cold the sun was out, I visited Bristol Zoo first.  As it was off season the ticket was cheaper, but sadly less animals were on show.

After this I visited Clevedon, hoping to get sunset shots of the pier.  Naturally the sun wasn’t in the perfect position, but I got some nice photos anyway.  Sitting below the pier, just before sunset was soothing, wit the sound of waves and the warm sun against my skin, something much needed.  It was a long day and I was thoroughly exhausted and frozen by the end, it was worth it though.

Last night was the annual MDUK Spirit of Christmas concert, which I always try to attend and support.  This year my Goddaughter and Mum came along, a lovely evening with my family which doesn’t happen often.

Daniel Baker with his Goddaughter and Mother in front of a knitted nativity scene at Gloucester Cathedral from Brief update for December 2019

Below are some recent photographs, I seem to have the photography bug back and really want to get out more and take some pictures.

An evening in Worcester and Cheltenham.

A day out at Bristol Zoo and Clevedon.

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