Barry Island and Croome

This week was more relaxed with only two meetings, giving me chance to visit Pittville Park, Hatherley Park, Barry Island and Croome Court.

A collage of images from Barry Island, top left coloured beach huts with mist in front causing a rainbow to appear, top left Daniel Baker in a red base layer with the beach behind him, bottom a busy Barry Island beach with a big wheel behind

This will be my first short post in a while and I’ll mainly share my photos.

Barry Island

I visited Pittville Park on Monday to relax, I had a DMD Pathfinders meeting in the afternoon so wanted to stay local.

The next day I made up for it by visiting Barry Island.  I went along the cliff paths, as well as the main promenade, enjoying the sunshine and beautiful scenery.  I didn’t try the beach this time, getting stuck last year really put me off.  It would be nice if they could add wheelchair beach access sometime, but that’s my only gripe.

Croome Court

Another place I like to visit and relax is Croome, it is also full of interesting things to photograph too.  This time instead of my usual route I wandered around the edge before the main park.  Another lovely day.

On Thursday I visited Hatherley Park before meeting with a potential care agency in the afternoon.  The meeting was a waste of time sadly, the representative was honest and said they didn’t have suitable staff for my case.  It’s a bit of a blow, but I’m glad we found out now before they actually started.

Friday had miserable weather so I stayed in and watched Alita: Battle Angel, it wasn’t a bad film, but the ending was rather abrupt.

This weekend we have no carers so I’m stuck inside.  It’s not a complete waste though as it means I can supervise Mum making my latest cosplay, order any last minute bits and give some advice and tips.

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