The High Sheriff of Gloucestershire Award in recognition of great and valuable services to the community

I met Charles Martell, The High Sheriff of Gloucestershire, at the end of October while helping support the Forest of Dean branch of MDUK launch their promotion of the annual Spirit of Christmas concert.  Little did I know he’d end up presenting me with The High Sheriff of Gloucestershire Award in recognition of great and valuable services to the community at the concert this Tuesday!

Daniel Baker in a transporter prop at Destination Star Trek

Birthday Week and Weekend at Destination Star Trek 2018

Last week was my Birthday, it’s always a tough week as my Nan passed away a few hours before my Birthday several years ago, the first few  years afterwards I didn’t celebrate at all, now I have sadness but try to enjoy it. At the beginning of last week was my last mindful photography course, Read more about Birthday Week and Weekend at Destination Star Trek 2018[…]

Daniel Baker on the left cosplaying as Chuck and Zachary Levi on the right as Chuck

Daniel Versus LFCC 2018

  I had been debating whether to attend LFCC 2018 or not, it’s a great event but funds are low (an entry ticket plus parking alone costs over £50), carers not always reliable and I’m not overly keen on Olympia as a venue accessibility wise.  I eventually decided I’d buy parking as I could get that Read more about Daniel Versus LFCC 2018[…]

A photograph of Daniel Baker in Black Park surrounded by pine trees

Summer fun

So my PA booked two weeks off, usually this would be a big problem for me as I’d miss out on getting up and going out, in the summer it’s even worse as not being able to get out in the sunshine sends me into very low moods.  This time was different though, I’ve managed Read more about Summer fun[…]

BAFTA mask next to a brown leather sofa in front of a large cinema screen

Catch up and Requiem première

I have had a busy few weeks, I’m getting a lot better since my hospital stay, I’ve had a few anxiety issues and the start of a panic attack but that’s probably to be expected.  My throat still feels very tight at times and there always that fear in the back of my mind that it will Read more about Catch up and Requiem première[…]

Carrie Fisher in a pink/purple tie died top sitting down leaning over and touching my wheelchair tray, me in a grey hat in my wheelchair

Mental Health Awareness

The reason I’m writing this now is twofold, firstly after giving my last mental health workshop I suddenly realised I hadn’t once been asked about my mental health during my recent hospital stay, and secondly a talk at the Action Duchenne International Conference I attended at the weekend. I have been working with a group Read more about Mental Health Awareness[…]