Another World Wind video clip – Blue Mars

Well I was going to play oblivion last night and finish the Tears of the Fiend Mod, but my wireless keyboard decided to stop responding, so instead I finished off a clip of Mars I had started, and Blue Mars is the result.

There were no special plug-ins or tricks used, the only thing I created was the alpha channeled base image (Paint Shop Pro 7 is a real pain to make an alpha channel png with), the actual images and specular mask I used came from a Green and Blue Mars png I found from Celestia links.

Plug-ins used –

Shiny Marble
Lens Flare
Heavenly Bodies
Movie Recorder

Put together as always using VirtualDub, the music is performed by the U.S. Air Force Band, so the entire thing should be public domain, the high res Xvid version is downloadable below.


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