And on the sixth day GOOGLE created the heavens

(There is supposed to be a youtube video above, not sure why it isn’t working.)

I’m so sick of everyone saying “wow look what google did now!”, most of the new features in GE/GM are nothing new, they are just copied from other places. The latest is Googles moon, World Wind and Celestia have had this for ages, here’s a list of borrowed ideas off the top of my head.

Google Moon – Check out NASA World Wind’s moon data its been out over a year and includes Clementine and USGS data, plus high resolution terrain data.

Google Sky – Again see NASA World Wind’s SDSS data plus there are many other programs like stellarium.

StreerView – Microsoft beat them to it.

Google Mars – Sigh, see NASA World Wind Mars with multiple high resolution imagery sources and terrain data.

Google Flight sim – World Wind beat them to it too.

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