Castles Add-on for NASA World Wind

The castles Add-on for NASA World Wind displays the locations of over 200 castles, mainly in Europe, with clickable icons which open a related web page in your web browser.

The add-on is based on a kml made by H21, converted to World Wind using Scout, WWLatConverter and edited with WINK Spots.  Additional Swedish castle locations provided by Timmy Hedlund.


Each icon has a clickable link, and mouse-over information (figure-1).


Castles add-on



To install the Add-on click the following link WorldWind_1.4_Castles_1.2.exe and select save in your web browser. Once the download is complete double-click the icon (figure-2) on your desktop, or if you chose a different location to save the file navigate there, follow the on-screen prompts and when installation is complete run World Wind.

app icon


Next click the Castles icon in the World Wind toolbar (figure-3), this will turn on the Add-on.

toolbar icon