A trip around the Cotswolds

It was a cold, misty and wet day but I decided to venture out for a trip around the Cotswolds.  This was probably my last chance to properly get out until after Christmas.  My main day carer is now on annual leave and I have temp staff over Christmas.  So I decided to make the most of it despite feeling a bit grotty this morning.

The Rollright Stones

misty picture of the Rollright stones

Tuesday was supposed to be the nicest day this week, it started out cold wet and misty.  First off we headed to the Rollright stones, I figured the mist would give the place a nice atmosphere.  On arriving it was still raining, but luckily I’m always prepared.  My camera was covered with a small bin bag, my joystick with a sandwich bag and me with a poncho.

All set, I headed through the mud and got some eery shots of the standing stones.  I was sad to see only two wicker fairies still standing, looking worse for ware.  I have some lovely photos of them from the last few years, I guess there will now be no more.  Then I headed to the whispering knights, the shots here weren’t great unfortunately.

A black and white photo of two lonely looking wicker fairies with the third just a pile of twigs behind


My next stop was Stow-on-the-Wold.  I wanted to visit the churchyard and also find a Christmas present for Mum.  The churchyard was closed but I managed to grab Mum a gift.  My carer also grabbed some chips, although I can’t eat them anymore they smelled lovely.

I had decided to head for Bourton-on-the-Water next, but half way there I decided to re-route as we were getting short on time.  Instead we headed straight for Stratford-upon-Avon.  We were greeted in the car park by a friendly robin, unfortunately I couldn’t get a photo as my camera wasn’t set up.


A view of the Royal Shakespeare Company Theatre from across the river Avon on A trip around the Cotswolds

We ventured into town to find more presents, I got a couple of small items, but will need to look on Amazon tonight for something else too.  By the time we had looked round the town I was frozen, we headed back towards the river and I got a couple more photos before my hands went totally numb.  While wandering down the river we came across a rather large group of swans, I was pretty much surrounded but they seemed friendly enough.

It was then time to head back to the van where we were greeted again by the friendly robin.  Before leaving I got my carer to find some seed out of the van, it was only fair to reward him for being so welcoming.

The trip home took a lot longer than Google estimated, through pea soup fog and lots of traffic!   I probably packed too much into one day and should have allowed more time between destinations, it was fun nonetheless.  I am now snuggled in bed with hot water bottles and my Chihuahua, Peppa, slowly warning up.


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