A Quick Catch Up From Last week & Photos

Last week was reasonably uneventful, so I’ll keep this post short and just a quick catch up from last week with a few photos.

A wheelchair tyre

Monday I was stuck in waiting for the podiatrist to arrive sometime between 9 am and 3 pm.  It wasn’t too bad as my wheelchair went off to finally get some high quality tyres fitted, so I wasn’t planning much.

I took the dogs for a short walk on Tuesday, mainly to test my tyres.  The difference was amazing!  Having large, low pressure, driving tyres makes my ride far less bumpy and the chair easier to control.  They are also 4-ply, so fingers crossed for less punctures.

Birdland and The Rollright Stones

Daniel Baker last week sitting in front of the Rollright Stones

On Wednesday the weather turned out slightly better than expected.  I decided to visit Birdland and then, as it was warming up, the Rollright Stones.  My chair did admirably on the rough terrain, although the suspension is starting to clunk a little.

Gloucester Cathedral

Daniel Baker last week in the cloisters at Gloucester Cathedral

Thursday and Friday my P.A. was off so I expected to be stuck in.  But due to agency issues with a carer cancelling her shadow shift I was able to rearrange things and get out Friday.  As it was absolutely pouring down I visited Gloucester Cathedral.

They have done great work making the Cathedral more accessible, chatting with a man who works there revealed they had had even grander plans.  Sadly building a lift to the very upper levels proved beyond their budget, by a few million pounds!

collage of Daniel Baker taking his three dogs, Kara, Mya and Peppa for a walk on a wet day

After getting back home we gave the dogs a rather wet walk.  That evening I also had the pleasant surprise of my friends visiting with their baby.

Collage of Daniel Baker laying on his bed with 8 month old baby Darcy

The next couple of weeks look more busy, with meetings, appointments and a van service.  So I guess having a fairly restful week was good, despite the normal care agency stresses.


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