A letter for Matilda Mae

Letters for Matilda Mae

Dear Matilda Mae,

I didn’t know you or your Mummy until that tragic day a year ago, my friend Kylie is friends with your Mummy and told me that you had fallen asleep and not been able to wake up, she told me your Mummy was very sad and so was she. I read your Mummy’s blog and saw the pictures of you, such a beautiful baby with a happy smile, I read your Mummy’s words and tears began to roll down my cheeks, I found this very strange, I haven’t cried often in my life, there must have been something very special about this baby I was reading about, I was right, lots of other people sent your Mummy messages about you and people gave money in your memory to help other babies, such love was shown for you.

I hope you are playing with all the other children who’s Mummies are missing them, Eden, Isla and my step Nephew Nathan who left us when I was just fourteen years old, people will remember and love you all for ever. You opened my heart and let me cry with no shame of it not being manly, thank you for your gift and I love you little angel.

Daniel xxxx

5 thoughts on “A letter for Matilda Mae

  • I will never forget the email I sent you. I had just arrived in London, for a work meeting, and wanted to turn around and go home. I felt lost.

    She was a very special little girl, and I am so glad she gave you the gift of tears. To cry for a little girl you have never met, to take care of that little girl’s hurting circle of friends requires great manliness.

  • Daniel, you are one of the bravest people I know. Thank you for loving Tilda and for staying in touch with us the way that you do x Thank you x

  • Thank you for the lovely comment Jennie, brought a tear to my eye, the way you and all your friends have let me be part of your group is really amazing, I am very grateful x

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