A couple of new add-ons

I posted two new add-ons on WWC yesterday, one shows the position of castles and the other shows the position of Aeronet sites.

A couple of new add-ons

A couple of new add-ons

They are both based on kml placemarks from GE, I got the idea after seeing the Aeronet kml on a blog site of a NASA employee who promotes using GE (don’t get me started!), so I loaded the kml in a neat app called Scout which converts kml files to a simple lat file, I then asked my friend ShockFire to make me a C# app to convert that to a WW add-on xml, 30 minutes later I had a WW add-on. For the castles add-on I used the same process but edited the file with another app called WINK Spots to add url’s to the icons of each castle.

Aeronet add-on
Castles add-on

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