1.3.6 teaser

1.3.6 teaserHere is a teaser from Chris’ development version of World Wind 1.3.6, 3D clouds! It requires a sm 3 card, but if you wantto play cool games nowdays you will have it anyway, from irc –

i made it a vertex texture (displacement map)
that’s pretty awesome :)
basically, the brighter the cloud, the higher it is displaced
is that actually how it work
the cool thing is that this can be animated (if you have a sequence of clouds, like a hurricane)
a weather guy told me it’s a good approximation
(cloud brightness -> cloud height)
the problem with this method, it requires vertex shader 3.0 (nvidia 6000 series, ati x1000 series)

Expect more ool stuff too, maybe even reflective water ;)

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